云从龙凤从虎 圣人作而万物睹:與身體部位有關的美語俚語

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  ARM 臂

  The car cost him an arm and a leg. 買這輛車他可花了血本。

  She’s my right arm. 她是我的得力助手。

  He was strong-armed into doing it. 他被迫這么做的。

  No one’s twisting your arm to do it! 沒人強迫你這么做!

  They always walk arm in arm down the street. 他們常常手挽手地沿街走

  BACK 背

  Get off my back! 別再來煩我了!

  I don’t like her. She always gets my back up. 我不喜歡她。她總是惹我生氣。(此用語原指動物,常用于描述貓發怒。)

  She’ll give the shirt of her back for her friends. 她幫助朋友不遺余力。

  She turned her back on me when I needed her. 我需要她幫助時,她拒絕了我。

  This time, I’ll give you the work for free. You scratch my back, I’ll scratch yours. 這一次我把這個作品贈送給你,你幫助我,我也幫助你。

  BONE 骨

  We’d better go to the market because we’re down to the bare bone essentials. 我們只剩下一些生活必需品了,最好去市場上買點東西。

  Let’s get down to the bare bone essentials. 我們來討論一下正經事吧。

  I have a bone to pick with you. 我對你有點意見。

  I need to bone up on my English. 我得好好學英語。

  This work is bone-breaking! 這項工作很辛苦!

  She’s a real bonehead. 她真是個大傻瓜。

  Wake up, lazy bones! 醒醒吧,懶骨頭!

  She made no bones about telling him to leave. 她直截了當地讓他走了。

  He’s nothing but skin and bones. 他骨瘦如柴。


  She’s a real bean brain. 她真是個大笨蛋。

  She’s such a birdbrain! 她是個大傻瓜!

  She’s very brainy. 她很聰明。

  Since you’re an expert, would you mind if I pick your brain for half an hour? 你是專家,那你是否介意給我半個小時,讓我向你討教一些問題?

  I racked my brain(s) for an hour but couldn’t remember her name! 我絞盡腦汁想了一個小時也沒能想起她的名字!/ I racked my brain(s) trying to find a solution. 我苦思冥想,力求找到解決問題的辦法。

  He’s such a scatterbrain. 他這人真沒頭腦。/ She’s so scatterbrained! 她太浮躁了!

  CHEEK 面頰

  She said it tongue in cheek. 她說的是風涼話。

  Her mother turned the other cheek when she took the cookie. 她拿餅干時,她媽媽裝作沒看見。


  I need to talk to you and get this off my chest. 我要跟你談一談,把心里的煩惱都說出來。

  EAR 耳朵

  So what happened? I’m all ears. 發生了什么?我正洗耳恭聽呢。

  She bent my ear for an entire hour. 她纏住我足足談了一個小時。

  “My father’s a lot smarter than yours!” “Go blow it out of your ear!” “我爸比你爸帥多了!”“胡扯!”

  She can really chew your ear off. 她能說得讓你耳朵都起老繭。

  The pages of this book are all dog-eared. 這本書的書頁都卷起來了。

  She has an ear for music. 她具有音樂方面的天賦。

  I heard an earful of gossip today. 我今天聽到不少閑話。

  He has all the earmarks of being a thief. 他天生一副賊相。

  Stop explaining. It’s all falling on deaf ears. 別解釋了,沒人會聽的。

  She’s able to learn a new language by living in a country for only half a year. She must have a good ear (for language). 她在一個國家只要待上半年就能學會一門新語言。她一定有語言方面的天賦。

  Keep your ear to the ground! 聽仔細了!

  I perked up my ears when I heard her mention my name. 我一聽到她提我的名字就豎起了耳朵。

  She doesn’t read music at all. She plays everything by ear. 她不看樂譜,光憑記憶演奏。(play by ear也常常用于音樂之外,指“臨時應付事態”,如:Maybe we can have dinner together next week. Let’s just play it by ear. 也許到下星期我們可以一塊兒吃頓飯,到時候再說吧。)

  I think the boss is gonna be laying off those who aren’t working hard enough. I just put a bug in your ear. 我看老板會炒了那些工作不夠賣力的,我只是先給你們透點口風。

  She talked my ear off for a whole hour. 她嘮叨了整整一個小時,真煩!

  ELBOW 肘,肘部

  The stain will come off. It just takes some elbow grease. 污漬是可以洗掉的,不過要費點勁。

  We had to elbow our way through the crowd. 我們得從人群中擠過去。

  I can hardly move. Give me some elbow room. 我差不多動不了了,給我讓點地方吧。

  When I went to Hollywood, I rubbed elbows with all the movie stars. 我去好萊塢時,和所有這些電影明星都有過接觸。

  EYE 眼睛

  an eye for an eye 以眼還眼,以牙還牙

  She has such bedroom eyes. 她有一雙性感的眼睛。

  She’s a real eye-catcher. 她非常引人注目。

  She has an eye for art. 她對藝術很有鑒賞力。

  When I first met her, she eyed me up and down. 我第一次見到她時,被她上下打量了一番。

  That sculpture is an eyesore. 那座雕塑不好看。

  I guess my eyes are bigger than my stomach. 我覺得飯菜點得太多了,我是眼饞肚飽呀。

  Hey, four-eyes! 嘿,四眼!(這是個貶稱,說出去當心聽話的人把你變成熊貓眼)

  I’d give my eyetooth to look like her. 我愿意不惜一切地模仿她。

  Where did you get that black eye? 你在哪兒被打得鼻青臉腫的?

  I hate talking with her because she keeps making goo-goo eyes at me! 我不喜歡和她說話,死女人老對我拋媚眼!

  That’s green-eyed monster talking. 那是處于妒忌才說的話。

  “She told me she speaks ten languages。” “In a pig’s eye!” “她告訴我她會說十種語言。”“吹牛!”

  I have to stay here and keep an eye on my little sister. 我得留在這兒照看小妹。

  We always see eye to eye. 我們總是看法一致。

  I think I need to get some shuteye. 我想我得合一會兒眼了


  There’s a lot of finger-pointing throughout this case. 這件事上大家總是互相指責。

  She never lifts a finger. 她從來都懶得抬一抬手指。

  I think you just put your finger on it. 我想,你終于發現事情的真相了。

  When he drove past me, he gave me the finger. 他開車從我身邊經過時,朝我做了個下流動作。

  He’ll do anything I want. I have him wrapped around my little finger. 我要他做什么,他就做什么,全聽我的擺布。

  FOOT 腳,足

  After she lost her job, it took her a while to get back on her feet. 失業后, 她過了一段才振作起來。

  Just when I was about to ask him for a raise, I got cold feet. 就在準備向他提出加薪的那一刻,我突然膽怯了。

  Now that she’s divorced, she’s footloose. 既然離婚了,她也就自由了。

  We don’t have to pay anything. He said he would foot the entire bill. 我們不必付賬,他說全由他埋單。

  She kept playing footsie with him under the table. 她一直和他在桌下偷偷碰腳調情。

  You didn’t get the job yet, but at least it’s a foot in the door. 雖然沒得到那份工作,但至少你已經邁出了第一步。

  I don’t know what my job entails. I’m still getting my feet wet. 我不太清楚自己的職責范圍,我還在逐步熟悉的階段。

  The movie starts in five minutes! We’d better hotfoot it over to the theater. 電影還有五分鐘就要開場了!我們最好快點去影院!(此短語出現于二十世紀早期,現在偶爾也會用在玩笑中。你可以想象出某人因為走得太快而腳板發燙的情形。)

  I don’t like driving with him. He has a real lead foot. 我不喜歡和他一起開車,他總飚車。(lead foot指腳像鉛似的重重地踩在油門上)

  The poor guy has one foot in the grave. 這可憐的家伙離死不遠了。

  We have to put our foot down on that. 我們必須阻止那件事。

  Stop pussy-footing around. What do you want? 別兜圈子了。你想干什么啊?

  She’s always been quick on her feet. 她總是能很快想出辦法。

  She swept him off his feet as soon as they met. 他們一見面,她就把他給迷住了。

  He threw himself at her feet. 他完全拜倒在她的腳下。

  She always gets under my feet. 她總是礙我的事。(亦作:to get underfoot,如:She always gets underfoot. 她總礙我的事。)

  We got off on the wrong foot, but now we’re friends. 我們一開始關系很僵,但現在是朋友了。

  GUMS 牙齦;牙床

  Stop flapping your gums! 別廢話了!

  GUTS 內臟;腸子

  She busted a gut laughing. 她肚子都笑疼了。

  You’re starting to get a gut. 你開始發福了。

  My gut reaction to her wasn’t good. 我對她的第一印象不好。

  He doesn’t have the guts to call her. 他沒膽量打電話給她。/ I respect you. You have guts. 我敬佩你,你真有膽量。

  She’s very gutsy. 她非常勇敢。

  I hate her guts! 我對她恨之入骨!

  She spilled her guts to me. 她向我吐露了心事。

  He threw his guts up after drinking those two beers. 他喝了那兩瓶啤酒,幾乎把腸子都吐了出來。

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